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Volunteer Spotlight: Scotty Shaw

Scotty Shaw has been involved at the Center as a volunteer for 6 years now, and currently serves as a math tutor for our Scholars to College students. A Duke graduate, Scotty first got involved while an undergrad as a Pioneer Scholars tutor, and over the years has lent his time and skills not only to tutoring, but also helping out at special events, maintaining the Pioneer Scholars library, and even saving up money to fly back from California to volunteer at our summer basketball camp – now that’s dedication!

Being a long-time volunteer, Scotty has had the ability to truly see our students mature over the years. “Sometimes,” he says, “a kid just needs the right opportunities to shine.”  He recalls a Pioneer Scholars student in his group just a few years ago who was very capable, but very shy. After moving back to Durham last year following a stint living in California, Scotty saw the Emily K Drama Camp’s production of Beauty and the Beast, only to be blown away by the confidence on stage that the same student showed while performing the lead role in the musical! Thanks so much for your continued support of our students, Scotty!

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