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Volunteer Spotlight: Melody Chou

In her fourth semester as a Volunteer Tutor with Pioneer Scholars, Melody Chou works with Ms. Kerry and the students of Group 6/7. When she’s not at the Center, Melody is on staff at Teach For America, working in a strategy and operations role – but that’s not the whole story.

In a previous life she worked in technical and strategic consulting, including a two year stint wearing a hard hat and steel-toed boots to work every day in the Canadian Oil Sands! Melody’s longtime passion for education reform brought her back to the education world a couple of years ago, and ultimately led her to her to her work at TFA and volunteerism at the EKC.

She’s continually surprised by how much she learns from her time with the students – about her own leadership, current educational trends, or the best ways to teach a concept. In her own words, “I spend a lot of my time during the workday thinking about how TFA can build stronger champions in our communities to transform educational opportunities for kids, but the time that I spend at the Emily K Center is what keeps me grounded. Plus, I always have a lot of fun!”

Our students are certainly lucky to have such amazing volunteers from so many unique backgrounds – thanks for being one of them, Melody!

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