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Volunteer Spotlight: Hank Hankla

Hank Hankla came to the Center as a single event helper in the fall of 2011. After getting to know our educational work, he began tutoring regularly with our elementary-aged students.

A veteran educator, this semester Hank works with the students in Group 2 in Pioneer Scholars, using his background in math education to not only advance their skills, but also to build trust and contribute to their positive self-esteem.

Dedicated to the work being done for our many students, he joined our Advancement Committee and events committees to ensure that, as an organization, we have continual financial support.

His devotion to the Center has prompted him to encourage friends and family to get on board with our mission. Hank exemplifies all the best in a devoted volunteer. Thank you, Hank!

April 24, 2014 at 12:25 pm | Our Organization | No comment

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