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Volunteer Spotlight: Alexandria Thompson

Alexandria Thompson is a senior at the NC School of Science and Mathematics, and is the co-president of her school’s Emily K Tutoring Club. In this role Alexandria coordinates a group of students from NCSSM who come to the Center to work with our Pioneer Scholars students each Thursday.

She started volunteering with our 2nd graders in the fall of 2012, and this year works with many of the same students in Group 3/4A, noting that building long-term relationships with the students by staying with them two years in a row has made the experience especially rewarding for her.

Alexandria feels that volunteering at the Center has been a great way to engage with the Durham community outside of NCSSM’s campus, which she admits can sometimes feel like living in a bubble. When she’s not tutoring, you might find Alexandria practicing yoga, studying astrology, or learning a foreign language!

Her post-graduation plans are still undecided, but she’s considering Harvard, Yale, UVA, and Duke, among others. Thank you for your dedication to our students, Alexandria, and best of luck in finalizing your college plans!

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