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Pioneer Scholar Profile: Shirley

Among a snacking group of Emily K Center’s Pioneer Scholars, one little voice rises above the crowd, “I am always so excited to come to Emily K because it’s fun!” That excited voice is Shirley, a first grader with big plans for the skills she learns each day at Emily K.

Shirley says she likes coming to the Emily K Center because of the work she does with her Lead Tutor, Ms. Judy. “She [Ms. Judy] gives us works so we can get smarter,” Shirley says, and it is definitely working in the case of this precocious 6-year-old. Shirley readily admits she is a much better learner after coming to Emily K. Her favorite subject is math, “Because you can add and it’s easy to do and it’s fun,” she says, adding, “I didn’t know 20+20 or 40+40 before, and now I do!”

When she grows up, Shirley hopes to become a teacher just like Ms. Judy. “Shirley is a great helper to her fellow students,” says volunteer Rachel Johnson, “She loves helping her group with math problems, or sounding out difficult words.” Working with Ms. Judy at Emily K is not just helping Shirley with her schoolwork, but also giving her a role model for when she becomes a teacher someday. “My teacher and Emily K show me how to be a good teacher,” Shirley says.

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