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More Reason to say, “Thank God it’s Friday!”

Looking forward to the end of the week is nothing new for students, but at Emily K the scholars now have multiple reasons to say, “TGIF!” This semester all of the upper grades are taking part in some of the coolest seven week long mini courses we’ve offered yet.

First up in rotation is Youth Digital Studios, which provides instruction in 3D game design. This summer the organization generously donated scholarships for a number of the Emily K students and now they have taken it one step further and are on campus delivering programming to even more students. A few of the more-than-willing participants are finding that they have an interest and talent in an area they never knew existed.

Students participating in a second block, Odyssey of the Mind, are practicing creative problem-solving, where team members work together to solve a predefined problem. They also present their solutions, which gives our scholars practice of their presentation skills as well. Many high schools in the area have Odyssey of the Mind teams, so hopefully, some students’ interest might be sparked to continue the activity and become a real asset to their high school in competitions.

Duke Red Cross for Kids is a third block that provides a forum for the upper grade students to discuss healthy living. They also tackle a wide range of safety-related topics including first aid. It’s essential information, but can be pretty dry unless it’s presented in a fun and interactive way – the goal of the Duke students who present the program.

Last, but certainly not least, is Postcards for Progress. A student group with a passion for both the arts and international communications from UNC, is linking our students with their peers abroad. Personal interaction with middle schoolers around the globe gives our Emily K scholars a chance to express themselves artistically while learning about other cultures.

All in all Fridays here are turning out to be really great days – and not just because the next day is Saturday!

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