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Summer Scholars

Hard work never felt so good! That’s what we’re hearing from the 50 Summer Scholars participating in our five week summer bridge program at the Emily K Center. Students from 2nd through 9th grade arrive at 8 am daily and spend the next 4 hours in project- based learning, where the student-teacher ratio is an amazing 6 to 1.

“Studies show that students in low income households lose information learned during the school year at a greater rate than their more privileged peers,” said Heather Hindin, Coordinator of Educational Programming, “In terms of math skills, over the summer students can actually lose 2 1/2 months of grade level equivalency.”

But not if they are at the Emily K Center. Each student participates in a one hour math block and a one hour literacy block, as well as other enrichment programming. Rising ninth graders focus of high school preparation work to help facilitate their transition to high school.

Teachers submitted their proposals for their student’s projects months ago and the proposals were evaluated to ensure that they were grade appropriate and task appropriate. “And, of course, being summer, we made sure there was a big fun factor too,” Miss Heather added. Some of the projects included writing assignments where students create their own mysteries and a math project where students design and produce their own math games. The dynamic of the five weeks will be displayed at a Project Fair at the end of the program.

Miss Heather said that the teachers are also really excited about summer programming. “During the school year we don’t see our Scholars until after they have been at school all day. It’s a real treat to see them all bright eyed in the morning and eager to start their day.” The Project Fair will be held Friday July 19th and all are welcome!

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