The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Tyreic works on his public speaking skills

There weren’t any obstacle courses, but there was definitely a battle plan last week when the Scholars to College 10th through 12th graders showed up at the Emily K Center for Boot Camp. Drill sergeants (staff members) Heather Hindin and Ashlea Hitchock, ran the group through its paces with writing drills and public speaking exercises.

“We went on the offensive to be sure that this is the best prepared unit around,” Heather said. The plan is simple. Take advantage of the summer break to step it up in the work department. This reporter overheard Ashlea barking out orders to the troops in training.  “We’re on a MISSION here. When your friends are scrambling around trying to figure out their college application plans AND keep their grades up AND do their activities, YOU will have already researched colleges, written essays, finished your resumes, AND studied for your SATS! Right?  I said, RIGHT???” The students answered yes in unison.

And now that basic training is over, field work is about to kick in. EKC Scholars will head out to stay on college campuses, do shadow internships, and volunteer all over the city. The activities are part of each students’ Individual Summer Plans (ISP) that include an academic component, an experience that reflects a student’s career interest, and a  sustained volunteer or work experience. (no wonder these kids have such great resumes) They’ll also be checking in regularly with their lead counselors to make sure their choices are tactically sound and maybe,  just maybe, get in a little R & R before the summer flies by and the new school year begins.

Jacqueline: Nine year old mathematician with big dreams

In this video you will meet Jacqueline - a fun and smart 4th grader who just finished up her first year as a Pioneer Scholar.   Enjoy!

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