The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Supports the Emily K Center

Volunteers are the backbone of the Emily K Center. They help support our students and our work, and serve as fabulous role models. That’s why we have to give a special ‘shout out’ to the dedicated volunteers who come to us from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.

For the fourth year running, the Emily K Center welcomes more than 15 volunteers from NCSSM who will spend every Monday working with our Pioneer Scholars. These volunteers who attend a premier high school for juniors and seniors come to the Center with their faculty advisor, Amy Sheck. For those Emily K fans who haven’t heard of the NCSSM, the school was established in 1978 as a public, residential school for North Carolina students with high intellectual ability and commitment to scholarship. They also happen to be great kids who enjoy sharing their knowledge and learning talents with younger students who hopefully will follow in their path of educational curiosity. Grace Yook and Taylor (Tess) Stohrer, seniors at NCSSM, spearheaded an effort to start the Emily K Club. Fifty students joined the club this year and from that group 15 tutors were selected and trained. The remainder of the club is working to identify ways in which to support the EKC, including fundraising and a potential book drive. Thanks NCSSM and welcome back for year four!

The College Search Season has begun!

The Emily K Center kicked off the college search season with a visit from admissions counselor Patrick Boswell from Vanderbilt University. Scholars to Colege students from 9th through 12th grade packed the house to hear about what schools look for in the admissions process, and what his university in particular has to offer that might make it a good fit for some EKC students. In keeping with the fast-paced and exciting spirit of the search season, additional counselor visits are scheduled for the coming months.

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