Student Reports: Community Interview Project

The following reports were done by Pioneer Scholars students during their course on the “World of Work”:

Lee Fogle at EKC

By Mark Farrington

Grade 9

On Monday June 27, Lee Fogle, the CEO of the Duke Credit Union visited the Emily K Center. He was interviewed by a group of students and our teacher Ms. Girija. We interviewed Mr. Lee for our community interview project. He talked about his experiences before he became CEO. He was in the US Air Force and was drafted during the Vietnam War. Later on he became the CEO of Duke Credit Union and has been in this profession for a while now. He says it’s a job he enjoys doing and the only downside is the rules and regulations for not being able to help people how he wants. The government’s rules don’t always allow it happen. He also talked about how his college and how he could have done better than he did. He ended his day by handing the children calculators. It was an interesting experience for the children at Emily K including myself.

Reverend Julio Ramirez visits the EKC!

By Brittany Atkins

Grade 9

On Tuesday, June 28th, 2011, Reverend Julio Ramirez visited the Emily K Center to talk with the students who attend the summer camp. He was at the Emily K Center because of our “World of Work” elective class. He wanted to let the students know about the life of a minister and how busy he is from day-to-day. As I sat in on the interview, I was pleased with what I heard and saw. I learned that his job is very important and in having this job, you have to know/learn time management.

Harvey Talks to Students!

By Tierra Brodie

Grade 7

On June 29th 2011 Ms. Treat Harvey came to visit the Pioneer Scholar room. She answered our questions. She did this because we are talking about community jobs and fundraising is a job that is really important. We are learned about different jobs and how they benefit the community. It was really helpful. She talked about how certain decisions you have to make can pay off in the long run. Overall it helped me because now I know you can be anything you want to be. Ms. Treat also talked about how you can change your career and it’s ok. She said, you just have to have a passion and go after it. It has leaded me to think about my future and my plans. It made me think wow, fundraising is really important and it’s very usual. Summarizing this whole thing up it has leaded me to think about how I want to live my life. I just need to have a passion and go after it.

Is Playing the Cello Always Boring? No!

By Ciarra Brodie

Grade 7th

Is playing the Cello always boring? No on June 28th, 2011 Miss Shana Tucker came to the Emily K Center, to teach us about her job. This happened at the Emily K Center in Durham, North Carolina. This event occurred on June 28th, 2011. Miss Shana had come to the Emily K to tell us what it like is to be a musician and how to play the cello. She taught me that you can play the cello in many different ways, like jazz and that playing the Cello doesn’t have to be boring.

Time With Tom

By Jerry Lopez

Grade 6

On June 29, 2011 a Physical Therapist came to the Emily K Center in Durham, NC. That Physical Therapist was named Tom DelViscio. Mr. Tom came that day to show us how to do many different things that were interesting. For example he showed us how to check our pulse, check our strength, and how to check our reflexes. Mr. Tom also talked about how sometimes he has to help people who don’t like to cooperate. He says he helps anyways them because that’s his job.

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