Gold Shirt Student!

Girija Mahajan

Educational Programming Specialist

One of my favorite activities of the day as an Emily K staffer is welcoming our Pioneer Scholars as they enter the building for afternoon programming. I get lots of happy waves, big smiles, and a fair number of “good afternoon” hugs. So last week as I was greeting students I noticed a bright gold shirt on one of our newest Pioneer Scholars, Justice Hope, a 4th grader at Maureen Joy Charter School. This was unusual to me only because Justice typically wears a navy blue uniform shirt everyday.  I was just telling Justice how sharp she looked when one of her school and Pioneer Scholars’ classmates excitedly shared that Justice had recently won the “Gold Shirt Award” at school. They shared that the gold uniform shirts are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and leadership. Her principal, Alex Quigley, explained that Justice won the award because she is such a hard worker and always has a positive attitude about school. Justice’s Lead Tutor, Sarah Myrick, at the Emily K Center echoed similar sentiments, “Not only is Justice an excellent student, she is a caring and respectful person who is always willing to help out with whatever she can.”  Congratulations Justice for receiving such a wonderful honor and everyone at the Emily K Center is proud of you!

Geeks Make Emily K Students Smile

This weekend there were smiles all around at the Emily K Center as a significant number of students left the Center on Sunday with fully refurbished computers for their home use.  Folks from the Kramden Institute and the Emily K Center hosted the appropriately named Geek-a-thon, where almost 140 volunteers worked all weekend to update and make ready machines the students will use for homework and studies.

Among the volunteers doing the ‘Geeking’ were some of the Emily K Scholars to College students themselves.  These high school students loved the chance to volunteer while also learning more about technology.  Carrie Clark, Executive Director of Kramden Institute, said that their organization was delighted to, “join forces to help hard-working students achieve their academic potential.” This was the second Geek-a-Thon held at the Emily K Center and if all those smiles were any indication… a very happy and successful day.

Durham Magazine thinks the Emily K Center is COOL!

In its October/November issue featuring all that is ‘cool’ about the Bull City, Durham Magazine highlighted a number of our students and volunteers in a 2 page photo spread.

“Being a good neighbor and resident in our Durham Community is important to us,” said Treat Harvey, “so we were proud that the magazine recognized our efforts here at the Emily K Center to help develop the next generation of leaders for the Durham community.”
The feature pictured students preparing for a performance of Shakespeare’s  A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Dozens of budding actors participated in the enrichment camp this summer that augments the K to College program which takes place every day, all school year long.

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