Homerun Season for Tobacco Road and the Bulls!

Treat Harvey, Director of Development

On Friday, September 10, I was invited by the Tobacco Road Sports Café and Durham Bulls Baseball to attend the presentation of our award check out on the Bulls field.  How many times in my life would I have the opportunity to stand at home-plate in front of a friendly Durham crowd?  So I jumped at it!

Some of you may recall that back in the spring, Tobacco Road Sports Café had run a contest offering $50 to charity for every homerun hit by Durham Bulls players during the regular season.  They were just moving into their new Durham location by the ballpark and they wanted to celebrate their arrival by “giving back” to the community.  They decided to ask folks to vote on which charity should benefit, and the Emily K Center won!  All of us here at the Center have been eagerly following the Bulls’ homeruns as they were tallied on their website over the last few months.

So, long story short, on Friday night, they presented the Center with an over-sized check for $4,100!  Of course, I was not allowed to take that check to the bank, but at least the moment was captured by the Bulls’ professional photographer.

The Emily K Center is very grateful to all those Durham Bulls players who hit homeruns this season - and we congratulate them for their impressive post-season play, too.  We are even more appreciative of our friends at Tobacco Road Sports Café who decided to sponsor the contest and give the Emily K Center an opportunity both to raise some funds and to spread the good word about the work our students are doing.  In the end, finding support for our hard-working students is the name of the game.

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